2014/06/02, 11:34PM

Glad to be back, give it a try on HTML tag support … (Sharing Facebook timeline post.)

2009/03/03, 10:20AM

Build Web applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby, a bit old created on 01 Sep 2005, Updated on 09 Mar 2006
Derby 10 Core Plug-in for Eclipse
Projects tagged ‘jdbc’ and ‘tools’

2009/03/03, 09:59AM

Recently,… studied a lot on Eclipse, WTP (Web Tools Platform), DTP (Data Tools Platform), Derby, hsqldb & h2 databases.
Found this great viewer: DBViewer Plugin for Eclipse Project, with it's Code Assist, SQL syntax no longer has to be looked up…

How to use Derby along with Eclipse is well covered in the Eclipse (Ganymede) Help, however Derby plugins were not there, one has to download & install them.

2009/02/28, 03:30PM

Bumped into yet another Eclipse, which is not the well known IDE for Java : The ECLiPSe Constraint Programming System, it's … quoted it from it's homepage…

"ECLiPSe is an open-source software system for the cost-effective development and deployment of constraint programming applications, e.g. in the areas of planning, scheduling, resource allocation, timetabling, transport etc. It is also ideal for teaching most aspects of combinatorial problem solving, e.g. problem modelling, constraint programming, mathematical programming, and search techniques. It contains several constraint solver libraries, a high-level modelling and control language, interfaces to third-party solvers, an integrated development environment and interfaces for embedding into host environments. "

2008/11/03, 05:09PM

Revisited PICos18 (RTOS), exploring the possibility on porting it to PIC32 MCU for the future 32 bit based control platform.

2008/08/07, 05:00PM

Inspired by the Korean Drama, learned Korean Alphabets from these series of Lessons: Learn to read, write and pronounce Korean

2008/07/30, 09:57PM

Deeply moved by the Korean Drama: 妻子

2008/07/09, 01:30PM

This is how one can use Microchip MPLAB IDE under Linux —> Mini Howto: MPLAB, MPLAB C18 and MPLAB C30 under Linux with Wine

OIL mentioned in PICos18 V3 stands for OSEK Implementation Language, refer to: RTOS - OSEK.

OSEK/VDX Specification status information

Someone left a message in eOffice (求救 ! vbox 1.6.2 的一些問題 ?)

Did some research …

2008/07/07, 11:00AM

上個週末飆了個大陸電視劇 — 都梁的「血色浪漫」,挺有一些感觸的…,更好奇我這相同年代對岸的作者。


2006年06月23日 09:20:32  来源:南方周末

  1. 亮劍
  2. 血色浪漫
  3. 狼煙北平


原著小说《血色浪漫》作者:都梁 小說全文。

2008/07/02, 09:40PM

Finally figured out how to setup printer for my B2D Server (Debian Based Linux) via Samba protocol.

  1. service samba start
  2. Download the Samsung ML1610 driver (.ppd) from OpenPrinting database - Printer: Samsung ML-1610, and put under /usr/share/cups/model/ folder
  3. lpadm -p PRINT8F -v smb://user:passwd@host/printer -m Samsung-ML-1610-gdi.ppd -E (My domain account won't work due to special characters used in ID/PASSWD. Administrator/ulnvb local machine account worked as chime. Hint: VM)
  4. http://localhost:631 to monitor the status of the print queue PRINT8F

2008/07/02, 01:00PM

What is SMB, NetBIOS etc.?

SMB (Server Message Block) is an application layer protocol used for sharing files, printers & devices.

At around the time when Sun Microsystems announced WebNFS, Microsoft launched an initiative in 1996 to rename SMB to Common Internet File System (CIFS), and added more features, including support for symbolic links, hard links, larger file sizes, and an initial attempt at supporting direct connections over TCP port 445 without all the NetBIOS trimmings (a largely experimental effort that required further refinement).

NFS (Network File Ssystem) is just like SMB, however for UNIX platform.

TCP Port 445 (microsoft-ds) is used for SMB over TCP/IP, or to be more exact - Microsoft Naked CIFS, which is required by Samba.

2008/07/01, 02:45PM

Insiders' Guide: Selecting an Embedded RTOS

FreeRTOS supports PIC18, 24, dsPIC & PIC32.

3rd Party RTOS for Microchip PIC MCUs.

Embedded Real Time Operating Systems for SoC a presentation consists of 145 slides.

Studied how to setup printer via http://localhost:631 inside B2D Server, also read article: SAMBA 伺服器 from 鳥哥的 Linux 私房菜.

Quick HOWTO : Ch11 : Sharing Resources Using Samba

CIFS (Common Internet File System) is the successor to the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol, supported by the latest Samba.

2008/04/16, 02:17PM

Aejaks just releases version 0.7 on Feb. 22, 2008, and can be downloaded from

Jetty is yet another servlet container, just like Resin & Tomcat, however the small foot print is making Jetty very suitable for embedded inside applications, to web enable them.

With my recent effort working on Java, Tomcat, Resin, JSP, Servlet, Applet & Javascript, I guess it's about time that I should

  1. pick up Aejaks again.
  2. see how cooee is doing right now. Oops… I meant to refer to Agile AJAX project Cooee.
  3. and also take a look at HSE framework.

2008/04/15, 07:19PM

Simply can't imagine that I have left alone this Blog for such a long time, I saw "weeds" everywhere…. ^o^

Most of the time I keep a local Diary to myslef via Notebook (a personal Wiki), other times I post articles to eOffice forum at FJU… Looks like that I need an one for all and all for one solution here….

Circle (圓圓) is the lady who brought me back here. Why? you may ask, take a look at (最高機密)一人一篇網誌為系秘慶生.

Happy birthday to this wonderful young lady who makes my FJU life easier than ever….

2007/06/21, 02:41PM

Just found out about a free image space service at Imageshack, simply nice and easy, …


is the image I tweaked a little bit to come up my Avatar in the Home page of this wiki and among other spots in Cyberspace. (BTW, this is the artwork designed by my son Gily. Oh, BTW, Gily stands for Grandpa I Love You…)

2007/06/21, 10:33AM

Cooee, forked from Echo2 is combining Echo2, EchoPointNG & Echo2 Extra into one single project, by replacing .jar file, and change the path names of the import statements, the Original Echo2 applications will be able to run on top of Cooee.

HSE application framework combining Hibernate, Swing & Echo2.

Echo2/Cooee is a server side AJAX solution, as opposed to the client side solution used by Google - GWT. They both try to offer a framework so that client/Server both end can use Java to develop web based application.

2007/6/17, 09:35PM

TCLLIBPATH didn't seem to work for aejaks.
By examing the jar files, I suppose that Java guys wrap them into jars.
tcl_library in Jacl says "resource:/tcl/lang/library", so I assumed if I jar those Tcl packages, such as snit, CQiKit,… by following the folder structure into a, say jacl_pkgs.jar, and included in CLASSPATH, however this didn't work out either.

Invoking CQiProtocol in Demo console (aejaks_console.tcl) didn't work, however it works if those codes were inside widget_tour.tcl, it worked.

Echo2 has so called server push feature, haven't tried that out for moniting our CQiController, however did see the relevant Echo2 demo.

Tried using after command to repeatly configure -text option of a Label, however didn't work, this may have something to do with that aejaks is sever side Ajax.

2007/06/16, 11:02PM

Successfully ported Snit, took out from ActiveTcl 8.4.14, to Jacl.
CQiKit, based on Snit is also working correctly in Jacl now.
CQiProtocol may required certain effort to solve the issue that "fileevent is not supported in Jacl". (It's used in cleanUp command which I temparily commented out those codes, i.e. No buffer clean up.)

Certain tricks learned while porting…

  • TCLLIBPATH will have to be defined via java command option -D, in order to let Tcl packages being able to be pulled in.
  • regexp & regsub used in Jacl are a bit old, not compatible with the one used by Tcl
  • array unset on a non-existing variable will return Null in Tcl, however in Jacl, error will show up.
  • Jacl's tcl_version says 8.0, package require Tcl 8.x is heavily used by many Tcl packages to verified the right version of Tcl to work with, this may restrain the package from being able to run within Jacl.

To run the Aejaks' demo correctly, I will have to use JRE 1.6.0, version 1.4.2_12 won't work.
Can't seem to get CQikit/Snit accessed by any script in Jacl, under Aejaks' current setup.

Once Sockspy can be used as proxy server, not any more on both IE & FireFox, don't know why.

2007/06/13, 07:48PM

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard talked about the common practice among UNIX systems, on what files go which folders.

Personal Homepage of Dr. Detlef Groth contains certain useful Tcl/Tk resources.

Dr. Groth's homepage is based on ReloadCMS, which is "a full-featured, small, simple and flexible Content Management System for web sites. ReloadCMS was designed for small and medium projects that need CMS that will run even on a cheap servers."

An article from Dr. Groth's on jsComponent, originally in German, translated to English via Yahoo! Babel Fish became: Modern user interfaces for the web page with jsComponents

製作X.509 憑證之文件 in Traditional Chinese, talked about using openssl to sign the certificate.

2007/06/12, 09:10PM

WebAccess is a software regarding Building Automation, coming from Advantech, WebAccess is also scripting via Tcl. The following two web pages are worth reading…

The tclsh spot is an article talking about how Tcl can be embedded into FORTRAN, and make it more alive.

2007/06/10, 09:12PM

Jacl.NET is a port of Jacl (JAva Command Language, or JAva TCL?).

Tcl - Tool Command Language implemented in C
Jacl - A Tcl implemented in Java
Jacl.NET - is a port of Jacl to .NET via J#, scripting .NET takes the advantages of .NET Framework.

An article on Dr. Dobb's Journal, Jan. 2005 Issue: "Porting a scripting language to .NET"

Jacl.NET also allows you to write Tcl extentions using .NET.

2007/06/08, 10:28AM

I have registered a OpenID,, it's only regret to say Wikidot is not supporting OpenID… ^o^

What is OpenID?
Social whitelisting with OpenID is using "Default Deny" model as oppose to the "Default Permit" used by the spam blacklist.

You may want to get an OpenID of your own from one of the sites listed here —> Public OpenID providers

If you saw a logo openID-logo.gif showed up on the site you are visiting, you will be able to SSO (Single Sign-On) to that site with your OpenID.

[] seems like a resourceful place to visit.

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